Jasmine Anteunis

I’m a 25 years old french
Art student Creative Developer
based in Paris.

I like designing things.
My studies started in Art school and ended up at 42, a coding school in Paris. I never stopped creating things. After an exhibition in Portugal, I launched a clothing brand with a friend. My first project management experience, my first website, and also my first brand creation.

During my last student year at 42, a school where you learn to learn, I was working on a web app at Danone. I was in charge of UX and Web design. Now, my adventure is Recast.AI, a startup that I co-founded one year ago, specialised in AI, NLP and chatbots.

I am passionate about paper craft, it’s a great medium and joined my taste for the creation of a product that you master all aspects of the design. Graphic design, publishing, bookbinding and serigraphy are my hobby. I like collecting things, and I never throw anything, this requires research and organisation to keep all these inpirations sources around me.
And I really like my socks, my cactus and all my Sci-Fi books.